Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Choices getting whittled down...

It looks as though the list of eligibles is getting thinner. I saw Snow Angels; it's one of those movies whose lengthy review would turn into a class assignment centering on the Kate Beckinsdale character's motivations, so I'll refrain. Definitely a sad movie, but not unrelievedly grim, and I found it emotionally involving.

As to what's left, we've still got In Bruges, Shine a Light, and Run, Fat Boy, Run, links for all below in earlier blog entries. I'll check again tomorrow to see if anything else has turned up.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Smart People well received

Exquisite Snob George G. of Orange Park had this to say about Smart People:

I really liked it. It was like Squid and the Whale. Quaid looked like he was
channeling Jack Nicholson sometimes, but it was good.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

April 20, approaching nirvana for Jax anyhow

Not only are the aforementioned (please page down cuz I'm too lazy to make an extra link!) Run, Fat Boy Run and Persepolis still around or back, but we also have Snow Angels (depressing doings in a small New England town; I thought the trailer looked pretty interesting, depressing or no)

There's quirky brit/continential hit man comedy In Bruges not to mention heavily promoted Smart People, which reviewers think is either semi-fabulous or highly forgettable. Also presented for patronage or disdain is period noirish dramedy Married Life over sixty cavorting around in tiny skinny stage trousers... Rolling Stones performance film Shine a Light.